4 Tips How To Protect Your ATM Card

How Secure Your ATM Card?

A sophisticated crime these days is about looting money to any individual who is using ATM, and if you did not aware of this, perhaps it could be victimized you and your relatives.

For those who are not familiar with the modus operandi of the criminals, I would like to share it with you, how it works and what devices they utilize in order to obtain their goal.

Did you hear About skimming?

Skimming is a method wherein a device attached to an ATM unit, to let the criminals steal important information about your account and financial data.

skimming device
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Normally, ATM scammers use two electronic devices to capture your personal data and PIN number.

One device called magnetic stripe a device installed therein when syndicated criminals swipe your ATM or credit card all important information about your account will be obtained.

The other method used by criminals known as a skimmer, a molded plastic device attached to the mouth of an ATM machine which imitates the original card slot and secretly swipes all of your card information.

This kind of scam has been primarily widespread in recent months, and this criminality exists universally.

So, how could you prevent this?

Below are 4 tips on how to protect your ATM card against ATM skimming

1. Check The ATM Machine

Watch the surroundings prior to use your ATM card. If you notice any unusual on the machine and dimly lighted spots try to visit another ATM machine.

2. Guard Your P.I.N Number

Shield the screen keyboard and cover your password with your hand, since criminals may set up hidden cameras to pick up your password, in shielding it scammers can’t access your data account.

3. Be Familiar With The Place

When you see someone or something suspicious near the area, terminate your transaction and go right away.

To make sure make transaction only in a well-lighted and crowded area, much better if there’s a presence of security guard or law enforcement.

4. Check Your Bank Account Regularly

When you use your ATM card regularly, you must double check your bank account statement to detect any unusual transaction.

It is also a better idea to understand what your bank’s policies and procedures, just in case your ATM card is stolen or lost, or worst you become victims of ATM fraud.

Keep in mind not to write down your transaction PIN number just memorize it, in addition to this, immediately report to your bank, if your ATM card was stolen or missing.

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