Good Incident Reports

5 Easy Steps On How to Write a Good Incident Reports

Writing good incident reports are the very essential element of most security guard jobs.  Thus, Security guards or security officer should know how to make an incident report.

The important characteristic of one outstanding security guard should be able to communicate well. In your report writing, you must use proper spelling and grammar and make sure your writing is clear, concise and in a timely manner directly to the fact of the incident.

Here are the 5 easy steps guide as an example of how to collect the most vital information:

1. Employ Common Language

When writing your incident report, try to avoid using fancy jargon when possible, because some people don’t understand a complicated police lingo, so in opposite use only a common English term to be understandable to various types of people.

2. Don’t Forget the 5 W’s and 1 H

A very common good practice in report writing considers the so-called WHAT, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, WHO and HOW in order to collect important details about the incident.

For example;

WHAT – What kind of incident involved? (Car accident)

WHEN – Time and date of the incident (On or about 3:00 o’clock in afternoon, October 12, 2014)

WHY – Why it happen? (Due to speed of the vehicle)

WHERE – Where exactly did the incident occur? (Parking area)

WHO – Who are the suspect and the victim? Describe the physical characteristic (Mr. Juan Dela Cruz)

HOW – How it happened? (Explain the fact of the incident)

3. Consist of FACTS Only

It is important that your incident reports must certainly not include your own opinions. It must be based on facts and circumstances. You may not able to say that a suspect is guilty of stealing unless you have evidence to present it.  So, in your incident report, it is important to be objective rather than subjective.

4. Take Pictures or Video as evidence

Some security companies provide camera intended for any untoward incident, so if you are able to take as many photographs then do it.

Remember that photos and videos are the references and additional factual information you may use as evidence.

5. Template and Formatting

Be professional don’t turn your incident report in a judgemental approach, always remember that some people might read your incident report. And make sure that your incident reports not in one long paragraph so that the readers will fully comprehend what you are reporting.

When you are identifying people or referring a person in your incident report, you should address them as Mr. or Ms. and don’t use rude or harsh words in describing the people involved.

Lastly, use numbered lists or bullet points, and even use the bold letter to highlights your important points.

Something good if your company completely provide some sort of report writing template, because it’s a lot easier and faster to make your incident reports.



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