5 Important documents that Security guards should have while on duty

5 important documentsIf you are a security guard or security officer, and looking for an answer about what essential document you should carry while performing your duty.

If that is the case, you came in the right place.So, having said this, let me remind you that in some security agencies, or government institutions that have authority over Security Agency, has required every security guard to have a documents when performing duty.

Below, are the lists of 5 essential documents you should possess.

  1. Valid Security Guard License

Most country requires that every security guard should have a valid security guard license in order to perform his or her official function as security practitioners.

You must carry your license card while on duty, and make sure that your license card is not expired, since police authority are checking always when they have operations to checked all security guards.

And if you get caught that you have no license or expired license, you will be penalize of huge amount of money and confiscate your firearm if you have issued service firearm.

  1. Valid Service Firearm’s License

Just in case you have issued service firearm while on duty, make sure that you must always carry with you the valid licence of the agency’s firearm, because when you get caught that you are holding unlicensed firearm by authorized law enforcement, you are in trouble, because they will charge you as well as your security agency with illegal possession of firearms.

  1. Mission Order or DDO (Duty Detail Order)

Duty detail order is a document issued to a person authorizing to engage in guarding. In DDO stated that the following guards are hereby assigned to render security duties in the establishment and must be in proper uniform and also indicated in the DDO the type of the firearm you carry and how many live ammunition. Most of the security agencies issued DDO to their guards in monthly basis.

  1. Security Agency’s Valid License To Operate

License to operate is the documentary requirements issued by Police authority (PNP-SOSIA) to engage in security business. Security Agency’s operator should furnish a copy of the license to the guard assigned in the establishment to legalize the transactions.

  1. Record Book

The last but not the least, the record book or logbook. The record book is confidential and very important document for security guard.

For the reason that you write down all your activities and monitoring, like for example if you are guarding a factory you should always record the arrival of the managers and supervisors including their vehicle’s plate number, and likewise other activity occurred in your area of assignment for proper reference in the future..

Make sure that you should avoid any erasure in your logbook and keep it for 3 to 5 years, since it might be used in trial-court as evidence when untoward incident occurred.


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