How to prevent being a victim of ativan gang

Ativan Gang Modus Operandi

Ativan Gang Syndicate

Due to numerous reported incident of Ativan gang syndicate wherein foreign tourist were mostly become victims of the gang, authorities advised every individual to be careful and vigilant of the modus operandi of the criminals.
In order to enhance our awareness, I would like to share with you an 8 minutes’ video clips about Ativan gang modus operandi.
By the way, a police officer named Police Supt. Gilbert Cruz have used YouTube a very popular online video sharing services as a method to educate people about different crime happening in the country and one of them is the infamous Ativan Gang syndicate.
His video was very helpful especially to our foreign tourist to raise their level of awareness on how to protect their selves against this kind of criminal syndicate.

please watch this video…

How and when the Ativan gang started?

Just a quick trivia, The Ativan gang was founded and become active in the year 1980 according to MPD’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit or CIDU. The only things they used was medicine called tranquilizers. 
The criminals were pretending to be friendly and once they get your trust and confidence they were asked you to a snacks or to drink alcohol in a place where not so crowded.     
Do you have any experience or knowledge about this kind of crimes? kindly share with our readers.

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