Basic Fire Safety Tips In The Hotel

Basic Fire Safety Tips

In this article you will learn the basic fire safety tips and other techniques pertaining to hotel safety. But before we go further let me share with you the inspiring safety quotes; by Don Hambidge

” Safety is more important than convenience”

So, everyone’s safety is important that any material wealth, what to do with your money if your life disappears due to lack of safety precaution. Right?

Moving on, almost without exception, every one of us has traveled away from our homes and stayed in a hotel, motel, or a bed and breakfast establishment.

Oftentimes we become comfortable while away as we fail to make ourselves prepared for the dangers especially when fires occur in an unfamiliar environment.

Let’s try to take a look of some of the things you should do to minimize your risks while away from home.

Make Sure That All Fire Safety Equipment Are Working

Firefighting experts strongly recommend that before embarking on a trip, you should try to research to make certain if your hotel accommodation has a fire safety plan in place.

Verify the establishment if there are smoke detectors and a fire sprinkler system installed in good working condition.

In addition, you should pull together and pack a personal survival kit which includes a flashlight, a portable smoke detector, and a roll of wide duct tape. When traveling abroad you should learn the word for “fire” in the native language.

Promptly upon check-in you should ask about the hotel’s evacuation plan, evacuation signage’s, the exact location of the fire alarms, and check to see if there are smoke detectors and a sprinkler system installed inside your room.

If the establishment is lacking in any of these areas, strongly consider staying somewhere else. Once you are inside your room check the windows to make sure they open and close properly (if they are not the sealed type).

Make A Scape Plan

Identify at least two ways out of the room, if available, and learn how to unlock your door in the dark. Keep your room key and flashlight by your bed and remember where they are at all times.

In the event of a fire, and just in case started in your room, leave immediately and bring your room key with you. Close the door and sound the fire alarm. Quickly walk to nearest designated fire exit stairway and bear in mind do not use the elevator.

Once you are on the ground floor, proceed directly to the assigned evacuation area of the hotel for accounting or leave the hotel immediately.

If a fire begins elsewhere in the building take your important documents, key, and a flashlight. Put the back of your hand against the door to make sure if it is hot and then check the presence of smoke in the hallway.

If smoke has been detected, crawl low along the floor and exit by way of the first stairwell you see. Again, do not use the elevator.

If upon touching the door of your room and you find it to be hot or if there’s a great amount of smoke in the hallway, the fire is nearby and you will need to stay in your room.

Call For Help

Call for help, fill the bathtub with water, and fill up the bottom of the door with wet towels or a throw rug. Tape the edges of the door and, if possible, hang a sheet from a window to signal for help.

If your windows are sealed, attempt to smash them open with a chair or other blunt instrument. Finally, wait for the fire professionals to come to you and never attempt to jump from your room’s window.

Do these pre-emptive measures seem extreme to you? They may seem that way if you are not a frequent traveler.

Many of the fire codes of the Philippines are taken for granted and perhaps in certain other countries. It is important to take the necessary precautions before your trip to ensure that your stay at an establishment is a safe one.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you will learn something today. Just leave your valuable comment or share this article to others for their information and guidance as well.

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More power and God Bless…



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