how to deal with a postal bomb threat

How To Deal With A Postal Bomb Threat

Due to the bombing incident in the country or around the world, it is important that security guards or citizens should equip with knowledge, skills, and understanding about the components of a postal bomb.

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what is Postal Bomb?

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A Postal Bomb is an envelope or a letter bomb which contains an explosive device designed to detonate when the envelope is opened.

A postal bomb is designed with the intention to kill or to injure the receiver. It should be sent thru postal services or any courier services.

In this article, I will give you a detailed guideline and procedures about the postal bomb, how it looks and important to do just in case you received such kind of items.

Below are some guidelines on how to detect a possible postal bomb

  1. You might see grease marks on the wrapping or the envelope
  2. The envelope or the package may possibly have a smell of marzipan or machine oil
  3. If the letter or package has been damaged while in transit you may possibly see wires or metal foil.
  4. The letter or the package it might feel too heavy for its size
  5. The letter or the package it might be heavier on one side or in the middle
  6. The letter or the package could appear to be over-wrapped
  7. The letter or the package could be incorrectly addressed, wrong spelling or typing.
  8. The letter or the package could be over-stamped for its weight or size

Important procedures just in case you received a suspected postal bomb or a package

  1. Lay the items down on a flat level surface.
  2. Call the proper authority immediately
  3. Cordon the area
  4. Don’t attempt to examine the item further
  5. Don’t try to hide and cover it.
  6. Mark the item for easy recognition by the police
  7. Evacuate the area immediately
  8. Do not lock the room
  9. Notify the immediate superior or higher officer in the company.
  10. Stay behind at a safe distance at least 100 meters.
  11. After the incident, complete the Incident Report


As a security measure, all post mails or packages delivered into the building should have one entry point and it should be checked and sorted thoroughly by a trained guard or competent personnel.

Unchecked letter or packages should not be taken into the building.

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