Ransomware attacks

How to Prevent Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

A few months ago I think a month of May if I’m not mistaken. It was reported that almost 2 million computers worldwide were infected by the so-called, a WannaCry Ransomware.

Do you notice this report?

Not yet? maybe you are too busy with your works. A ransomware encodes computers data files and once encrypted you cannot able to open your files unless you pay a ransom payment they demanded at least a hundreds of dollars.

Ransomware Attack

It’s transmitted thru phishing email as well as via computer worm attacks on an outdated computer network.

The ransomware has targeted computers running Microsoft Windows operating system, that is why Microsoft has released security updates for all antique operating system including Windows XP according to a web expert.

Shortly after the attack, web researcher or cybersecurity experts caution of a second wave of the WannaCry Ransom attacks with sophisticated ways and possibly released new modifications to get around defenses laid against WannaCry.

Here are some tips from web security experts to protect yourself from WannaCry ransomware attack.

You must Update your Software

Web Security specialists warn people to regularly update your software and do not click the link via email or to any social media messages if you are not really sure that the link is legitimate. Many advanced users or even

Many advanced users or a tech-savvy guy was duped and become victims with this malware. Hackers are enticing people to download any programs thru email, and once you have done with downloading.

The malicious code was certainly able to travel to wider computer networks that were linked to each other through file sharing on the Microsoft Windows.

As a precautionary measure, in your browser just manually type the URL address of the website you wish to visit.

Backup your data periodically

The hackers are taking advantage of those computer users who do not consistently backed up their important files on a regular schedule. Thus, computer expert does recommend to habitually back up your data in completely separate hardware or system which is not directly connected to the internet.

In other words, no matter which device you are using, you must regularly backup your files and update your software to install the latest security patching updates.

I hope you find this article helpful.


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