How To Protect Your Business From Vandals After Hours

There’s a lot that business owners do to keep their properties and their goods safe while their businesses are open.

Once the workday is officially done and all the workers have gone home, however, most companies are simply not doing enough to ensure that things stay safe until they return.

Following are several tips for protecting your business from vandals and thieves after hours.

Drive by your shop location after hours in order to assess the type and amount of foot traffic in your area. You may be surprised to discover that your block is a popular hangout spot.

security tips

Although loiterers might not be actively targeting your shop, rowdy behaviors could lead to extensive building damage, even if only at the property exterior.

After having seen the number of suspicious-looking people in the area and having considered the local crime rates, you may find that you need to have a full-time security guard on patrol, even though your business is effectively closed.

Hire Security Guard

This professional can walk the grounds and report any unseemly behavior that occurs while your gone.

A security guard will also have the training and ability to put unsavory behaviors to stop if reported crimes go unchecked by local law enforcement agencies for any extended amount of time. Make sure that your parking area is very well lit.

Installing floodlights will deter all type of criminal behaviors given that most vandals and thieves conduct their illicit activities in darker and more shielded areas.

Brighter lights can also make your customers feel a lot safer during the times of the year when the sun sets early and often before the actual closing of business.

Install Floodlights for the Perimeter

In addition to deterring vandals and thieves from congregating near your business, floodlights will also keep your employees safe as they make their way to their vehicles after their daily shifts.

If problems have occurred in parking areas before, it is also a good idea to have people walk to their cars in pairs. People are less likely to be attacked when traveling in groups as opposed to traveling on their own.

Think about teaming up with other businesses in your area to start a neighborhood watch program. This usually involves taking rotating patrols throughout the neighborhood in order to identify and report criminal activities before these get out of hand.

These programs lower crime rates considerably and they also bring communities a lot closer together. Best of all, they can limit the need to pay the costs of hiring and maintaining and after hour guard.

Install Surveillance Camera

Install a top-notch security system on the interior of your property. This system will notify local police agencies whenever any one of the secured entrances is breached.

You may even want to install security cameras in a visible location so that passersby know you’re watching and recording their activities.

cctv system

Have a security roller shutter installed that effectively closes your business off. When criminals cannot see the goods that your shop contains, they’ll be less likely to target it.

These durable barricades can also render the property interior entirely inaccessible to all parties who lack the required keys and security codes.

In this way, these investments can pay for themselves in terms of theft prevention and the prevention of significant property damages.



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