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Philippine Army And Police Rank Equivalent

Rank Equivalent and Hierarchy

I received a lot of queries asking pertaining to the different ranks of the armed forces of the Philippines and its equivalent with other major services of AFP such as; Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, and Philippine Air force.
That’s why I made this article for the benefits of other people who are looking this kind of information.

ARMY                        NAVY                                PNP                            

  1. Private   ————–       Apprentice Seaman———-  There’s no private rank equivalent in the PNP
  2. Private First Class–      Seaman Second Class ——-  Police Officer 1
  3. Corporal ————        Seaman First Class ———-   Police Officer 2
  4. Sergeant ————       Petty Officer Third Class —    Police Officer 3
  5. Staff Sergeant——-     Petty Officer Second Class –   Senior Police Officer 1
  6. Technical Sergeant —   Petty Officer First Class —-   Senior Police Officer 2
  7. Master Sergeant —–   Chief Petty Officer ———-      Senior Police Officer 3
  8.   ————————————————————————-  Senior Police Officer 4
  9. 2ndLieutenant   ——-    Ensign —————————–  There’s no 2nd Lt. rank equivalent in the PNP
  10. 1stLieutenant   ——–   Lieutenant Junior Grade—–  Police Inspector
  11. Captain —————-      Lieutenant Senior Grade—– Police Senior Inspector
  12. Major  ——————-     Lieutenant Commander —– Police Chief Inspector
  13. Lieutenant Colonel  —  Commander  —————–    Police Superintendent
  14. Colonel  —————–    Captain   ———————–    Police Senior Superintendent
  15. Brigadier General —–   Commodore  —————–     Police Chief Superintendent
  16. Major General  ———   Rear Admiral  —————     Police Director
  17. Lieutenant General —-  Vice Admiral  —————-    Police Deputy Dir. General
  18. General ——————-   Admiral   ———————      Police Director General

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