rules of gun safety for security guard

Rules of Gun Safety for Security Guard

Safety of Lives Is Paramount Above All Things

Gun safety must be the priority and endless attention of every security guards who handles issued firearms.

An armed security guard has essential duty and responsibility. He needs to know how to use her/his firearm safely.

Security guard should study the different features of the firearm and have a complete knowledge and understanding of its specific functions

Below are the common safety suggestions urged for security guard’s practitioners and gun enthusiast.

  • Before handling any firearm in the workplace make sure you have a valid (DDO) or duty detail order in your custody which serves as your authority to carry the firearm with you.
  • Double check your service firearm license if it is updated.
  • The gun should be holstered
  • Considered every firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  • Never cock the firearm unless you are ready to shoot
  • Keep your finger off the trigger.
  • Use only the firearm in any deadly attack for self-defense
  • Never rely on a mechanical safety.
  • Inspect your gun regularly and clean it habitually.
  • Know your target and what’s behind it.
  • Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm.
  • Know what to do in case of a misfire.
  • Wear protective ear and eye equipment.
  • Keep the firearm free of obstructions.
  • Don’t modify your firearm.

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