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Safety Tips For Holy Week Travelers

If you are planning a summer vacation or out of town trip this holy week you need to know what are the important safety tips during your travel. As the entire Philippine National Police (PNP) goes on high alert, especially on this holy week season.

They always keep reminding motorist and travelers by giving important safety tips on how to keep your home safe while your away.

Below are the following safety tips to the public:

  • Don’t give any information to people that your house left unattended.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows with heavy duty locked
  • Request your trusted neighbor or friends to check your house while you are away
  • Make sure that all your electric appliances are unplugged
  • If possible installed burglar alarms
  • If possible turn on lights outside
  • Keep numbers of the police in your mobile phone

For Your Travel Safety Tips

safety tips

  • Plan your itinerary, if you drive your own car use the main road if possible
  • Arrive early in the terminal, seaport, and airport.
  • Secure your tickets and passports
  • Refrain from wearing expensive pieces of jewelry
  • Watch your personal belonging and constantly check them
  • Be vigilant against snatchers

For Your Car Safety.

Before striking the road for a long drive, PNP officials advised motorist to thorough check that their vehicles are in good running condition.

PNP official said, remember BLOWBAGETS acronym which stands for;

  • Battery
  • Light
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Brakes
  • Air
  • Gas
  • Engine
  • Tools
  • Self

Always know the contact numbers and location of police and hospital on your route. And while on the road be alert of the suspicious vehicle following you. Be prepared to speed up when you sense the sign of danger and proceed immediately to the nearest police station.

PNP officials also encouraged the public to ask police assistance through the PNP’s social media accounts such as; Twitter – @pnppio and @pnphotline or Facebook – Philippine National Police Facebook page)

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