Code of conduct

Security Guard – Code of Conduct

Every security guard should familiarize himself about the code of conduct in Security.

1. To carry with him at all times during his tour of duty his license and identification card and the permit to carry firearms.

2. He shall not use his license and privileges to the prejudice of the public, clients or customers and his agency.

3. He shall not engage in any unnecessary conversation with anybody except in discharge of his duties or sit down unless required by the nature of his work and at all times keep himself alert during his tour of duty.

4. He shall not read newspapers, magazines, books, etc. while actually performing his duties.

5. He shall not drink intoxicating liquor immediately during or before his tour of duty.

6. He shall know the location of the fire alarm box near his post and to sound the alarm in case of fire or disorder.

7. He shall know to operate the fire extinguisher at his post.

8. He shall know the location of the telephone / and the telephone number of the police precincts as well as the telephone number of the fire stations in the locality.

9. He shall immediately notify the police in case of any sign of disorder, strikes, riot, or any serious violation of the life and property.

10. He shall familiarize himself with the Private Security Agency Law (RA No.5487) and the implementing rules and regulations.


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