Security Officers Duties and Responsibilities

Being a Security Officer on the establishment you are in complete command and control over security personnel in the detachment in order to meet and fulfill the security expectation of the higher management

As A Security Officer, You Have to….

  • Conduct at least 30 minutes daily briefing to all shifts security guards, before posting, and discussed security and safety issues and concerns.
  • Monitor and supervise all security personnel to ensure that all management’s policy and procedures are properly implemented.
  • Submit daily activity report to the Security Manager.
  • Conduct continues assessment of the security situation and makes recommendations to the security manager for the improvement of the security system.
  • Conduct routine inspection of vulnerable areas such as;  gate, doors,  and windows to ensure the safety and security of the people as well as the property.
  • Monitor any irregularities such as; theft, pilferage, sabotage, gambling, drinking of alcoholic beverage, illegal drugs, and unlawful acts.
  • Monitor any safety breaches such as; hazardous materials, unlock doors of vital installation, malfunction tools and equipment, and water/gas leaking.
  • Screen visitors carefully and request proper documents and stop suspicious people and ask valid identification.
  • Respond to alarms and calls of distress and always check alarm system.
  • Report any untoward incident or problems to Security Manager.
  • Provide armed security escort for money transfer or payroll deliveries.
  • Observe and notify police authority the presence of wanted criminals, or arrest offenders when necessary and detain them until law enforcement arrives.
  • Monitor and maintain security surveillance camera and radio communication for quick incident response.
  • Monitor and supervise on bag inspection, and body frisking to all incoming and outgoing employees.
  • Conduct random checking on employees lockers with the presence of HRD representative.
  • Provide assistance and protection to any public official.
  • Familiarize the company emergency action plan as well as the implementing rules and regulations.
  • Perform other security functions as the higher management required.Thank you very much for reading this piece, and if you have some question and recommendation just let me know.


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