Tips on how to be a good security guard in the Hotel

In this article, you could find useful information on how to be a good and effective security guard in securing hotel establishment against intruders or wrongdoers.

security guardBeing a security guard in the hotel you should always think about the safety and security of your guest as well as hotel’s staff because safety and security of human being are paramount beyond any properties.

So, moving forward, if you are a neophyte Security Guard or Security Officer who is in- charge to protect the hotel you must know the following hazard and threat in the area.

Oh by the way not just the hazard or threat alone but more importantly you should also give attention to your physical and mental aspect in view of the fact that you are assigned in the hospitable industry.

How to do that? Find out the lists below.

  • Conduct security survey within the hotel premises and identify possible hazard or threat.
  • After identifying potential security threat you must analyze and evaluate the overall effect of the people then make a recommendation report and forward to the top management.
  • Better understanding about the do’s and don’t of the hotel then the proper implementation must be done.
  • As a security guard in the hotel, you must know the ins and outs, every nook and cranny of the hotel, meaning you must be very familiar with the building structure.
  • You must able to pay attention to small details.
  • You must always carry a small notebook to write things down.
  • You must able to recognize both internal and external guest.
  • You must seamlessly groomed at all times, spotless hands and nails, conservative haircut, clean and well-pressed uniform as well as shiny shoes.
  • You must know how to write the factual and timely report, can describe things, events, incidents, and situation s graphically in the written form.
  • Lastly, as a security guard you must carry out to lessen the presence of wicked and shady characters in your area of responsibility proper profiling must be done.

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