Top 11 Gears for Security Guard, Should Carry While On Duty

Top 11 Gears for Security Guard, Should Carry While On Duty

11 Important Items Security Guards Should Have while On Duty

The security guard should not forget to carry with him/her the required security guard’s paraphernalia as part of their guard’s uniform. To protect not merely their selves, but the property or people they are protecting to.

The job of security guard is a very risky and critical one; simply because you have to deal with various types of criminals and unscrupulous individual.

That’s why it is important that you have these top 11 gears for the security guard that you should carry while on duty

1.  Firearm

Basically, one of the most important gears for a security guard, of course, the firearm, but obviously you’re going to need a proper training on the basic firearm safety.

In the Philippines setting, there are 4 kinds of firearms could issue to a security guard, depending on the nature of his/her assignment.

The most common security guard’s firearms today are 9mm and 38 Cal. revolvers which usually issued to security guards in the subdivision, hotels, commercial areas, factories and other small businesses.

The other one is the 12-gauge shotgun, a short-range weapon could be a superior way to keep an area secured.

And the last one is the Armalite rifle, this special long firearm is used by security guard especially in escorting bank teller in money transaction.

2. Flashlight   

A flashlight is an item which extremely important while the tour of duty or conducting night patrols considering that power failures happened without warning, so such kind of scenarios you will definitely prepared.

3. Two-Way Radio 

A two-way radio or most often called walkie-talkie is similarly very important device for security guard while on duty because it will give you the ability to communicate instantly to the member of the security team in case of an emergency.

However, you should familiarize yourself with the international 10 Codes

Mobile Phone is also good alternative just in case you have no available two-way radio, simply make sure that you have lists or add into your mobile phone address book the most important emergency numbers so you could contact them right away.

4. Handcuffs 

To restrain and secure the persons involves in criminality, or to stop further personal injuries to the criminals, handcuffs is the answer.

A handcuff is the best and commonly known in preventing suspected criminals from escaping security guard custody prior to handover to law enforcement.

Typically handcuffs are made by various kinds of metals with different types of brands and models, if you want strong and durability, police handcuffs are the one of the best.

5. A Nightstick or Guard Baton

Baton or nightstick is an additional gear for security guard protection when some people with criminal instinct see that you have one in your position, probably they will behave because baton could certainly make some damage.

Complete baton training course was included in the package of some security guard training center when you enroll for basic security guard training course.

Please note that it’s a huge advantage for a security guard who knows how to use a baton.

6. Teargas or Pepper spray 

Teargas or Pepper spray is best to use in crowd control and to suppress any attacker or unruly behavior. A security guard is legally allowed to use such device, even civilian could purchase Pepper spray for their own protection.

A security guard may undertake pepper spray training in order to comprehend when and how to correctly use it during the tour of duty.

7. Security Guard Belt 

Security guard belt is also important paraphernalias for any security guard. Without this equipment, you cannot place your other important gear like the baton, firearm, first aid kit, extra bullet and many other things.

8. Medicine Kit 

The security guard should have this type of gear, given that security guard is the first responder when an emergency happened.

It is a good thing that you have medicine kit with you because it’s easy to respond efficiently. Like for instance when somebody needs your assistance for the plaster or band-aid you could help them right away.

9. Digital Camera  

A digital camera is another important security guard’s equipment that you should not ignore. A digital camera could be used to gather evidence and spying wrongdoing.

The photos and the videos which you take could possibly help you in describing the different angle of the incident.

10. Whistle

The whistle is also an important piece for the security guard. You may use this as a signaling tool, to notify or alarm people near beside your post for possible danger.

The security guard should carry a whistle to ensure that when the sudden emergency situation like earthquakes or other disaster occurs you could attract attention through a unique and loud sound.

You could use this piece also if you trapped beneath the collapsed building to attract rescuer attention. Expert says that shouting much could consume more energy.

11. Boots  

A good quality pair of security guard boots is also important to security personnel since they were spent often walking during the tour of duty. Some security guard agencies provide boots or leather shoes to their guards for uniformity.

Basically the black shoes or combat boots are usually the required uniforms of the security guard, however, it depends on the nature of the assignment.



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