Understanding The Responsiblities Of A Security Manager

Security Manager’s Primary Responsibilities

As Security Managers, the primary duties and responsibilities are planning, coordinating, educating awareness, monitoring and developing strategies in protecting people and properties against any unlawful activity.

Security Manager may also investigate security breaches and working with local law enforcement agency to apprehend law breakers.

But before you obtain the level of Security Managers position you must need to complete and undergo security training management program that most states required.

For the success in managing security it is better to have a degree, necessary skills and become certified security professional in security management.

There’s a lot of Institution or organization may offer courses with regards to basic security management which include the fundamentals of security.

Security Managers Duties & Responsibilities

Security Managers work with company or any big corporation could be tedious work since you are in-charge in overseeing the improvement of security system of your facilities and employees.

Below are the duties and responsibilities of the Security Manager: 

  • Prevention of crime and conduct investigation
  • Make sure that all security personnel were properly knowledgeable and well trained in any emergency situation
  • Develop policy and procedures regarding internal theft or losses, locker control, and monitor if properly observed
  • Develop and maintain policy & procedures regarding entry and pullout of the personal or company items
  • Conduct periodic safety and security audit and make recommendation to the higher management
  • Regular review and update of security system to ensure such policy and procedures are in place and properly implemented and address common lapses to ensure security efficiency
  • Make sure that all incident/accident are properly reported in a timely manner accordingly to assure that all things are properly addressed and make appropriate required actions.
  • Initiates investigation of all offense, or any guest/customer complaint regarding lost items in order to establish whose person involved and make appropriate charges if necessary.
  • Develop and maintain policy regarding proper recording (Key logbook)of departmental keys just to make sure that only authorized personnel gain access into vital areas of the company.
  • Proper planning and coordination to the following department heads in establishing and updating policy and procedures regarding action plan in the event of an emergency.
  • Conduct monthly fire safety inspection of all fire paraphernalia’s to ensure efficacy during fire situation and make sure that all fire equipment complied with all code and regulation standard and keep all records as future reference.
  • Conduct periodic training and seminar regarding safety & security to all employees, like for instance; fire safety, natural disaster awareness , cyber crime, kidnapping, robbery and so on.
  • Supervise and monitor payroll and security personnel’s manning schedule.
  • Review daily activity report of security officers and staff in every shift.
  • Check the uniform and paraphernalia’s of all security personnel and ensure that they are clear and presentable appearance.
  • Develop and maintain policy & procedures regarding lost and found items
  • Maintains liaison continuously with any governmental agencies such as bureau of fire, police and military authorities, and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the higher management.
  • Imposed disciplinary action to erring security staff and commends to those showing impressive performance.

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