security guard

What is Security Guard

Security Guard is a private individual duly license by the PNP SAGSD to exercise profession, and  who is paid to protect life and property of the company.

A person who hired to keep watch over something unusual and maintain peace and order situation in the area of responsibilities.

Security guards are basically uniformed and have adequate training and properly documented by Philippines mandated law.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Security Guard

  • To protect the life and property by conducting roving
  • To prevent any suspicious people and ask valid identification
  • To guard the  property against theft, intruders and maintain security within the area
  • To screen visitors and ask valid documents for easily identification
  • To call the police or proper authority if necessary
  • To response any kind of alarms and emergency
  • To report all policy and procedures violation
  • To apprehend criminals and evict violators
  • To conduct body frisking and bags inspection
  • To conduct roving inspection to ensure that all windows, doors and lock are in place and working
  • To stay connected with immediate superiors with the use of handheld radio or mobile phone
  • To monitor all ingress and egress through security surveillance camera

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