Why Preparing A Disaster Plan and Emergency Kit are Very Important?

Why Preparing A Disaster Plan and Emergency Kit are Very Important?

How to prepare a disaster plan and emergency kit?

In times of crisis or disaster, it is important that you have an emergency kit in your home. With little knowledge and some preventative measures could really increase your chances of survival.

Natural hazards like for example earthquakes or any type of natural calamities are frequently happening around the world, they can be really disruptive since they happen unexpectedly or without warning and likely to have an effect on large areas.

Advance preparation is very important to lessen the impact of the damage and loss of life. The keys are proper training and education.

If you are looking for tips and guides during crises, think about these simple things that you can do to make yourself safer,

With this you will not make an expert, however, it could be a big help for your own life safety if yourself caught in an earthquake situation.

Let’s start with the simple step by step guide information on what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

 Before The Earthquake

  • Know the hazard in your area by identifying an active fault line and evaluate whether or not you are vulnerable to the effects of an earthquake.
  • If you are leaving in a high-risk area, make necessary steps to strengthen your house.
  •  Fix heavy appliances and all movable furniture such as refrigerators, filing cabinet and bookcases to the walls to reduce the risk of falling during a tremor. Put down all heavy objects to the lower grounds and keep breakable items inside cabinets with latched doors.
  •  Avoid hanging heavy decoration and glass mirrors close to the beds and to the place where your relatives often stay.
  •  All flammable items such as kerosene or gasoline must store properly and keep away from any source of any ignition.
  •  Make a disaster plan to protect your family and yourself, prepare for the emergency kit and disaster survival kit, good for 5 to 7 days.

Please watch the video below for your reference. Courtesy of American Red Cross.

  • Educate your family regarding your plan on what to do before, during and after the earthquake and exercise them regularly.

During an Earthquake

  • Stay away from any glass windows and heavy objects that possibly will fall over you. Please bear in mind that falling debris and hard object during an earthquake is one the most common hazards, so avoid yourself and your family to be exposed to these hazards.
  • Take shelter in a safe place in your house. Get duck, hold and cover in a sturdy table to keep away from falling debris.
  • Don’t ever try to go outside during an earthquake. Stay inside if you are already indoors because attempting to go outside the building or house during ground shaking is a dangerous situation, you could be hit by falling debris.
  • If you in outdoors area quickly make yourself away from high-rise buildings, trees and to power lines to avoid falling debris.
  • If you are driving a car, immediately slow down and stop in the safe area of the road. And make sure you keep distant from power lines, giant billboards, big trees, mountains, and bridges.

 After an Earthquake

  • Earthquakes are usually followed by aftershocks, so might be aware and prepared such scenarios.
  • Check your family immediately if they are safe and no injury, and provide assistance to people around you if needed.
  • Checked your gas lines to make sure there are no leaks, and turn off the gas valve immediately if you hear or smell a gas leak, and avoid of using open flame or any electrical appliances because could ignite the gas.
  • Check for possible electrical wiring damaged, if you notice sparks and worn out wires, turn off the main safety switch immediately and unplug major appliances.
  • If your house or building is badly damaged avoid anyone to enter until it has been inspected by a safety professional.
  • If possible document the damage of your house for future insurance claims if any, and make sure that you take videos or photograph of the damage as evidence.

Thanks for your valuable time reading this piece I wish and I hope you that you have learned something.

God bless and more power!



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